Mission and Impact


Crossing Borders Music is a multicultural organization of color that shares the stories and music of those whose voices are suppressed because of race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, other identity, or related trauma. We do this through free, accessible performances in community spaces in service and affirmation of our communities and collaborators.

The mission of Crossing Borders Music is to use music to promote the dignity of people from all cultures.


Our work helps challenge stereotypes and preconceptions, affirms, and uplifts. When we hear audience members say our music defied their expectations or broadened their worldview, or that they felt their culture was affirmed and uplifted, we know we’re fulfilling our mission. Indeed, over 90% of our audience members last year reported having found something unexpected, having learned something, and either feeling that their own culture was affirmed and uplifted, or wanting to learn more about the featured culture.

We reach over 10,000 people in person and online each year.

Pianist Marianne Parker in performance