Arian Abbas

Arian Abbas is a Kurdish composer and oud player born in Qamishli, Syria, in 1983 and currently living in Beijing, China. Arian studied at the Ornina Music Institute and Shabibt Alasad Institute of Music. As a teacher, Arian taught music at Damascus’ Iranian Cultural Center. As a performer, Arian has performed as a soloist and in ensembles in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Japan, and China. As a composer, Arian wrote the “Refugees Anthem” for The Refugee Nation, which was used by the refugees team of the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016. About music, Arian says, “Music is the best language to deliver my message to humanity, which is to love each other, and this language does not require a translation.”

Listen to works by Arian on SoundCloud.

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