Juan David Osorio



Juan David Osorio  (b. Medellín 1985) holds a bachelor and Master degree in composition from EAFIT University in Medellín Colombia, where he studied with Professor Andrés Posada and Victor Agudelo, and he also took conducting courses with professor Cecilia Espinosa. In addition, Osorio has studied composition with professor Anthony Iannaccone at Eastern Michigan University (E.U). He has received different composition prizes, and commissions such as a Bogotá Philarmonic Orchestra, Teatro Metropolitano de Medellín and San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, among others. He has been guest conductor of PERISCOPIO New Music Ensamble, Karabí Chamber choir, Tonos Humanos and Arcadia Choirs, EAFIT Symphony Orchestra, Antioquia Symphony Orchestra and actually is the principal conductor of Jaibaná Chamber Orchestra and MACONDO Vocal Ensemble. As a professor, he is currently teaching at Fundación Universitaria BELLAS ARTES, EAFIT Univerisity, Escuela Superior Tecnológica de Artes Débora Arango, University of Antioquia.  

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